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Distinctive Design: Frameless Glassboards

SO Series


The “SO Series” glassboard stands 1” from the wall, mounted with modern stainless steel hardware, giving it a sleek and modern look suitable for any environment.

The corners and edges of the board are smoothed in order to ensure safety and a clean look. This option is perfectly suited for multiple environments, from private offices to large classrooms.

Z Series


The “Z Series” glassboard stands just 1/4” from the wall and is mounted with hidden or “invisible” stainless steel hardware, almost fully flush with the wall.

These glassboards have clean, smooth lines and polished edges for a sleek, modern, and professional look - a perfect option for large brainstorming or collaborative areas.


The Board of a New Generation

Advantage Through Design

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All dHive glassboards are constructed of 1/4” tempered glass that will resist infinite years of intensive use. Tempered glass is considered 5 times stronger than standard glass and is used in many safety applications requiring durability.

Never Experience Staining or Ghosting Again

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Unlike traditional whiteboards, dHive glassboards will easily wipe clean and will never stain or ghost. Each dHive glassboard is designed to give you endless years of usability.

Go Green

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dHive glassboards are manufactured using recyclable and eco-friendly components. dHive is committed to offering sustainable products built using the most environmentally responsible practices.

Benchmark of Modern Design

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Glass marker boards - "glassboards" - have become a standard addition to upscale offices, schools, and collaborative spaces. dHive Glassboards distinguishes itself by offering the best product in the industry: refined finishes, limitless options, and high durability. dHive Glassboards brings practicality to design refinement. All hardware, whether visible or not, meets the highest standards in quality and presentation.

The Broadest Product Options in the Industry

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dHive Glassboards is proud to make custom color choice easy by offering hundreds of color options. Combined with our options for magnetic ability, hardware finishes and mounting type, we will build and deliver your glassboard to perfectly fit your design requirements and functional needs.

Made in the U.S.A.

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We are proud to say that all our glassboards and products are manufactured in the U.S.A.




Endless Options to Meet Your Precise Needs


Choose from any color from the Sherwin Williams color palette.


Choose from numerous stand-off finishes for “SO Series” boards.


Choose from standard sizes, or create your own sizes with custom options.

Non-Magnetic vs Magnetic

Magnetic features provide an increased level of convenience and practicality for use with premium strength rare earth magnets.

Unlike non-magnetic boards, which are “glass only”, magnetic glassboards are constructed with a laminated sheet of metal applied to the back of the glass pane.


Aluminum and Glass Marker Trays: Available in 12” and 24” variants as well as any custom size to fit your needs.

Markers and Erasers: We offer and recommend dry eraser markers and erasers.
**For optimal performance, do not use low odor markers.


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